Jubilee! Circle is a circle of spiritual seekers providing inspiration, healing, affirmation and service
by letting go of ego.

Jubilee! Circle is a progressive, inclusive community, influenced by Creation Spirituality, ecumenical, feminist, and traditional Christian theologies.

We respect and value each person's spiritual path. Whether you come from a church background, a religious background other than Christianity, or no religious background at all, you are welcome here.

At each Celebration we express our faith through music, dance, poetry, prayer, evocative messages, and fellowship. No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome at Jubilee! Circle. Join us!

Meeting days: Sunday
(every first Sunday is Potluck!)

Meeting time: 11 a.m.

Meeting place: 2730 Millwood Avenue, Columbia, SC

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"Unless a man starts afresh about things," wrote G.K. Chesterton, "he will certainly do nothing effective."

We often think of a brand new year as a fresh start, a chance at a cosmic do-over, an empty slate, a new day where we can seek to avoid making the same mistakes we made in the last year.

The good news is, starting over can provide all of those things, but we kid ourselves if we believe we won't make some of the same old mistakes, as well as create some colossal new mistakes as we travel this new, fresh, path.

But, this is the good news about starting over: You don't need a new year to begin again. The chance to start over doesn't come once a year with New Year's Resolutions and an empty calendar page. Every day's page begins as an empty slate, ready for us to write the story of our lives upon it.

But, wait, there's even better news: We don't have to wait for the dawning of a new day to start over. We can begin again in every single moment.

Morning didn't go so well? Breathe deeply and begin again.

The boss yelled at you? Instead of berating yourself for your shortcomings, breathe deeply, and begin again.

Traffic jam on the way home? Breathe deeply and begin again.

So often, we get stuck in our ego's fears, desires and cravings, caught up in everything that has gone wrong, hurt our feelings, or set us back in our goals, we forget that we don't have to keep walking down this path.

We may not have a choice in how the world treats us, but we do have a choice in how we react. We can get caught up in the drama and heartache, or we can step back, breathe deeply, and begin again.

Oh, Yeah!